Recommended Internet Radio Streams

I am not a fan of commercial radio – for just that reason, the commercials. Plus they play nothing but “popular” or widely-known music. But I have discovered the treasure of free internet radio! On my iPhone my favorite radio tuner is “TuneIn Radio.”. My favorite free radio streams to date are:

(1) Native Radio – a very eclectic mix of contemporary and tradiotional music written and performed by modern Native Americans. Always unpredictable. I like to do artwork to this one. It is the stream playing on my virtual reality sim of “New Echota Point” in Second Life.

(2) PROG.FM – amazing mix of melodic progressive rock. No screaming or thrash. Lyrics you can understand and wonderful creativity in music.

(3) THE HEALING ROCK – if you are a learned fan of “classic Christian rock” from the late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, this is your station. Great stuff that you have a hard time finding on iTunes or on CD these days.

(4) INDIAN LOVE – Relaxing is the word here. Meditative music to relax or even sleep by, all with a Native American influence.

(5) ZEN RADIO – Like Indian Love, only this one originates in France. But a very nice, relaxing stream as well.

(6) RADIO NIGEL – “We Don’t Do That 80’s” is their mantra. Which simply means they play lots of album deep cuts as well as hits from lots and lots of 80’s new wave and pop bands. Great fun. OOPS! This stream is no longer operational.

(7) 4ever FLOYD RADIO – All Pink Floyd, all the time. After a few hours, you begin to notice some album repeats however.

(8) MOUSE WORLD RADIO – Imagine this: a radio stream playing all the in-park music from the Disney theme parks rides, cafes, walkways, shoppes, etc. Makes you feel like you are walking around at a Disney park. Cool.

These are just my favorite streams. Check these out if you have access to internet radio. Especially if you have installed the TuneIn phone app.


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