Last day of Groome driving

It has arrived. My last day as a Groome Transportation shuttle van driver. Have three months passed that quickly? The summer has ended. The Army is here. In 15 short days I report to CH-BOLC. I still have much paperwork to complete and submit, and work on my PT. This could be a hectic next few days. Tomorrow morning I will take a hard look at paperwork and complete what I need to and submit what I need to early next week. While I am grateful for the Groome job, it did have a downside. I had to work 50-60 long hours a week sitting behind a wheel. Hard to stay up with PT and paperwork during that stretch. But paying bills now was priority one. Now the Army is top priority. I did manage to do a great deal of studying the Officers Guide and the CH-BOLC Smartbook on my breaks. I also kept up the PT, but not nearly as much as I wanted or needed to. Dealt with one severe viral illness this past month, but have gotten over that now. So this summer was indeed a challenge. But that is the story of my life it seems: overcoming challenges by any means available. Relying on support from family and friends. Trusting God. Never quitting. Doing what absolutely must be done. So with great excitement I rise today and face my last day of driving a van. Noon to 10pm. HOW FITTING: My last day and they assign me van #140 – “The Groome Tomb” — the mystery machine that continues to carry the “ghost” of the restless passenger who died on it last year. Strange things continue to periodically happen to this van. So today may be interesting. We shall see!


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