10 days left to report!!

In ten days I report to Chaplain School. I am not new to ministry but am new to the Army. I am still fairly new to this physical training. I think my three biggest challenges at CH-BOLC will be (1) PT and then (2) just adjusting to the regimented military culture (paperwork, schedule, nomenclature). I already have a firm grasp on cultural immersion and plurality. Nothing — or I should say not much, will surprise me. I’ve seen and experienced alot in my life. But I admit I will need some assistance in becoming “all I can be” in the area of physical fitness. I mean, I am 46 years old, and never really diligently trained for 45 years! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a rock hard body hewn from a tub of lard in the hot Georgia sun. But with God, anything is possible. So regardless of what happens, I will take it in stride.

I am in the midst of spending quality time with family and friends before reporting. Also trying to mix in continuous preparation for CH-BOLC physically, mentally (studying the materials), spiritually, emotionally (visiting and reconnecting), and even taking care of personal business. There is so much to do before reporting. So many “loose ends” to tie up. But whatever my level of preparation is before I report, I feel confident it will be enough to get me started off on the right foot – I hope! Tomorrow I will spend a few hours on Panama City Beach. But I’m sure my mind will be racing with preparations left to do. Looking forward to worshipping with my mom at her church on 9/11, in my ACU, with their pastor who is an Army Reserve Chaplain. Will see family in Rome again next week, spend some final days with my dad, and pack supplies for CH-BOLC. Will make my way there next weekend. Life is about to get much more challenging for me. I thank you who are reading this for your continued prayers and support. I am a firm believer in prayers. I am seriously counting on them. In fact, when I am struggling to complete a challenge at CH-BOLC, I will picture you in my mind saying a prayer for me, and I will dig down deeper to get the task done. I don’t go to CH-BOLC alone. I go representing the team of my family and friends. No one can do ministry alone. It’s too difficult. One needs a team. You who read this are a vital part of my team. Thank you for that. Seriously. I love you. I serve for you, and with you.


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