It has arrived.

My travel day has arrived. Woke up after a great night’s sleep. Now will finish packing and loading the car and will say my farewells to my Dad. Planning to hit the road by mid afternoon at the latest. A million emotions and thoughts are running through my head and heart. But mostly gratitude. The family all are enrolled in the DEERS program officially and as of yesterday all have their picture ID cards. Once I complete the paperwork by early next week at Fort Jackson, the benefits will have started. Still will take a month to see a first paycheck, though. But yes, I am excited. I pray that whatever level of preparation I have accomplished up to today will be sufficient enough to shorten my learning curve. I still feel sort of like a deer in the headlights on a middle Georgia road. But I’d better hurry on up until I reach a middle South Carolina road!


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  1. Posted by Jodie Rhymer on 16 September 11 at 10:51

    I’m so excited for you! You will remain in my prayers always! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to visit before you had to leave.


  2. Posted by Linda Pennington on 16 September 11 at 11:48

    All will be well! God’s still in His heaven and all’s right with “your” world! We are praying for you and are so happy for you. Glad you have the family all taken care of with benefits. We will be looking forward to reading your updates on this blog as you have time. Just know that we will remember you and pray for you!
    Linda (and Marion)


  3. Posted by Buford Marion Pennington on 16 September 11 at 19:23

    Howdy Brother William,

    It’s only 156 miles from Columbia(Ft. Jackson) S.C. to our doorstep so don’t be a stranger. You’ll have a nice uplift when you receive your first paycheck and the allotment for family should be a sufficient amount as well. How do I know these things? The Bible Tells Me SO; I’m 75 today. Also, all that stuff T. Strickland and others were trying to feed you is not true. The Officer Training Corps is where you’re provided w/duplex, reading library and ample time off. You’ll learn lots and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the “Sand Hill” process. Love in Christ! B. Marion


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