Love my Dad, Jack Beaver

Yesterday was my last day for awhile (who knows how long?) as a resident of Middle Georgia. It took me till 5:00 to leave. Guess even though I was running final errands and slowly packing, and installing Dad’s computer, pyschologically it was finally hitting me. Once again I was saying my farewells to Jones County. And to my Dad. He has been so sweet this week. He took me out Tuesday night to eat. We watch TV and laughed together on Wednesday. On Thursday, he helped me obtain much needed supplies, and on Friday, as I was preparing to leave, he walked to me with his cane and gave me a big bear hug. The first time he’s ever really done that. He told me he loves me, and told me to “make all A’s in your classes and stay safe.”. A year ago this month we nearly lost him. But staying with him this year has been very important. I know much more about what he can and cannot do, and know much more of his state of affairs and his medical conditions. He is on his own again. He and I both realize what this day means. I love my Dad. I surely will check on him as often as possible. Please, God, keep him safe. He has slowed down significantly. He gets out these days, but not much. And tires easily. But he did get his license renewed this week.

For those who are ever ashamed of being adopted, I will tell you that for me, it has been a gift from God. I love you Jack W. Beaver. Thank you for being the best dad.

William “Steve Jaxxon” Beaver


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jodie on 17 September 11 at 12:34

    Adoption was the best thing for me. I love you, big brother. Be safe!


  2. Posted by Linda Pennington on 17 September 11 at 13:30

    You are blessed, indeed! I’m so glad you have had this year getting to know your dad. We had our mother for so long, and every day with her was an adventure! We lost our dad the year after Marion and I were married. And I know you’ll want to know that as I write this Joann Wilkinson is preparing to say goodbye to her dad, whom you know from Lynn Haven. He is near the end.
    Marion has talked about you every morning as we eat and chat. He is so proud of you and so happy for you, as am I. We so look forward to your blogs, and you are ever in our prayers, as well as your family!
    May you coming days be pleasingly surprising and very blessed.


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