New CH-BOLC Haircut

Thanks to my “Battle Buddy” Mike Robinson, I’m sporting this new look – for TRAINING


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  1. Posted by Jodie Rhymer on 26 September 11 at 00:37

    Am I doing something wrong? I can’t see it.


  2. Posted by Buford Pennington on 26 September 11 at 13:58

    Hey there!

    You’re “looking good” as Jimmy Walker used to say on Goodtimes; remember him? After leaving Ft. Jackson, S.C. in ’53 I was assigned to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and went thru two 16-week Basic Training Courses and the very first NCO Academy. Only reason for telling is that on the days I was required to run the “infiltration course” UNDER LIVE FIRE, I had four wisdom teeth pulled but being only 17yrs old, I sucked it up and outran the TAC/SGT and he was freshly home from combat in Korea so he made me run it again. This day and time he’d. be charged but we became great friends and he taught me lots of faith and respect. William, we proud for you and love you, yesterday, today, and always. Don’t you forget it! Your Bro-in-Christ. Buford HooHah/yourself!! LOL! I know it’s not spelled right; we had to run(doubletime) to all our Church Services in Class A Uniforms on Sundays while I was in 51st Officer Candidate Compay at Ft. Benning in ’60. Intersting stuff huh!!


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