Two weeks down

Have two weeks passed already?? Wow. This past week we went through the gas chamber to train with (and briefly without) our gas masks. Yesterday during the early morning PT (done in the dark before sunrise, under the cool night air looking up at the stars), I was able to run nearly three miles in formation without stopping once. That’s a big “first” for me. Our NCOs (drill sergeants) are wonderful. Very demanding and very professional, but very caring, wanting all of us to succeed. Thats why they are so tough on us. But they are teaching how to run with proper form and breathe correctly. Stretching in a whole new set of ways has tired my muscles out and reawakened ones I didnt realize I had. They are also teaching us how to march and move and dress and look like professional soldiers.

On the warrior task front, we not only survived the gas chamber, but learned about communicating by radio the Army way using a $10,000.00 radio. Also, we spent many hours learning about combat first aid, and how to literally rescue wounded and KIA soldiers. How to apply all sorts of first aid. And during the practice session of carrying troops (our classmates) to safety, I didnt think I could but I carried a 240 lb man over my shoulders. The Army can indeed make you stronger. Next week we enter the field for navigation training, rappelling down the huge Victory Tower, practicing first aid and rescues in the field, and practice using radio to properly call for help. Oh, and we also will don our body armor and cross a field with live rounds of gunfire popping over our heads. We will sleep on cots outdoors in Army tents as we learn to work as a team. One key difference between this and Woodbadge: body armor and live rifle fire. They assure us that if we follow instructions to the letter that we will be safe. Trust me, I will. Even though we did sign those notification letters and insurance policies the first week.

In the classroom, we learned about how to preach sermons designed for soldiers and their families. We also began working on two sermons each that we will deliver to the class. We completed the GAT (global assessment tool) for the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program. We turned in our first paper on the Ethics of a US Army Officer. Tonight my platton is eating out and seeing “Courageous.”. Tomorrow we attend two more chapel services. I am tired, but exhilerated. Just watched an intense short DVD called “War Torn: 1861-2010” about PTSD suffered by service personnel since 1861. I love the Army. I love being able to serve God in such an interesting culture. Hooah! Of course, it also will be nice to receive a first paycheck on October 15! Hooah! Sacred Warriors!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jodie Rhymer on 1 October 11 at 18:28

    I really enjoy reading your blog! You give such a good description of everything you do, I feel as if I am right there with you. Again, I am so proud of you! I guess I can’t say that enough. Keep up the good work and be safe.

    Praying for you and the rest of your team!


  2. Posted by Barbara and Wendell Wood on 1 October 11 at 20:13

    Glad you’re enjoying your experiences. Hang in there!


  3. Posted by Buford Marion Pennington on 2 October 11 at 16:05

    It only gets better! God loves you and so do we!


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