Ten days left of “basic”

This morning’s road march and Victory Tower was awesome. Got to rappel down two towers (nearly ten stories high – felt like Batman) and then across a high monkey bridge, another rope bridge, and another single horizontal rope where you lay down on it and shimmy down and across it (50 ft long), then climb down a high net wall. Great stuff. I didnt falter once, which surprised me. My arms, legs, and abs are smoked right now from all the pushups and situps and planks I did today (50 more than I had intended – but thats another story). Tomorrow is day and night land navigation. Long long day in the field. Thursday we don full battle armor and navigate a field with live rounds flying overhead. But God is good. Im surviving. And starting to get the hang of this. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In 11 days Phase One of the actual Chaplain School begins.


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  1. Posted by Buford M. Pennington on 5 October 11 at 22:52

    New glasses at VAMC in Dublin, GA today~! Also, rec’d. 3 mags from the Hospital Chaplain. Sound familiar? God loves you and so do we; never had a doubt! BMP


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