Today, before the sun comes up, we march to the Victory Tower. A ten story high wooden tower that we will each climb and rappel from, before marching back. Morning temperatures are in the forties. Hooah! Yesterday, we were issued some sweet compasses and protractors along with topo maps as we learned land navigation. For two days this week we will go into the field to put it all together. We will practice what weve learned in “battlefield” conditions: land navigation during the day AND at late night, battlefield life saving, first aid and rescue techniques, military radio communications skills, and teamwork as we will move low to the ground while live fire is above our heads. These are our “warrior tasks and drills.”. We must know them as Army Chaplains. We are noncombatants, but we must know how to save lives and assist fallen comrades. All while staying alive ourselves. This stuff is exciting and fun, but it is also difficult and very real.


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