Monday, Monday…so good to me

This weekend gave me an opportunity to catch a real breath and get alot of errands done, some extra sleep in, and basically “reset” my system before Phase 1 began today. Attended a worship service at the Bayonet Chapel called “Chapel Next.”. Reminded me very much of Sunday mornings at Greenwood Baptist. To see my cadre (course instructors) at church in jeans took me back at first, but the context was Christ-centered and informal, but powerful. I may be able to facilitate a morning small group series beginning in a couple of weeks!! Francis Chan’s “The Forgotten God.” Our class platoon has now been tasked with organizing a prayer breakfast next Monday morning. As far as the APFT goes, today was a bit of a breakthrough for me. I passed the pushups portion of the test, but fell short of the situps by just 7. I will continue to get stronger and eventually pass with flying colors. The timed 2-mile run was my breakthrough. I made it in18 mins. That topped my minimum score required. While many other classmates destroyed that time, that is the fastest 2-mile run I’ve ever completed. I am pretty worn out after morning PT, but that’s because I leave it all out on the field. Today, all of this, combined with hearing from the Garrison Commander, the Command Sergeant Major, and the Garrison Chaplain, truly gave me goosebumps. Once again I am so stoked to be serving as a Chaplain in the United States Army. The “toughest job I’ll ever love.”.


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