Five weeks down

Five weeks down at Chaplain School. It’s been a week where the bar has been raised. During the first training phase, we “crawled.” During this phase 1 and the next phase we will “walk.”. During the last phase after Thanksgiving we will “run.” This week both the special “treats” increased. We ate at the Installation Chaplain’s home, we had a wonderful lunch at the Officer’s Club, and we no longer have to road march in formation to class (although I miss it because I enjoy marching to cadence). The subject matter in class is getting deeper, more philosophic, and more helpful. Today we discussed all day being a leader and staff officer. We learned about needs assessments and ministry plans. Sounded a bit like what I learned at Carver School of Church Social Work, in the Program Directing track. The pieces are beginning to fall in place for me. I see that CH-BOLC will never teach you all there is to know about Army Chaplaincy. They simply cannot. But what they ARE doing is giving us an approved, regulated framework for performing our ministry. Once we get to our specific units, how we fill in that framework will determine what each of our ministries look like. No cookie cutter approaches. The Army is very clear on what standards it demands, but gives the Chaplain the trust to develop with the other unit leaders and the Chaplain Assistant a battalion-specific ministry plan.

As far as the PT, I am physically beat today. Not alot of sleep this week and alot of PT. We did a road march in full rucksacks in the rain this week, an APFT on Monday, and another two miles run for speed this morning. Lots of muscle smokers this week. But the temperatures have dropped so that we now wear long sleeves, jackets, gloves, and beanie caps. I also have been carrying around one of my heavy body armor plates inside my ruck the rest of the week to build my strength. Think of it as swinging with two bats in the on-deck circle. But tonight, my battle buddy and I will attend the South Carolina State Fair to see Skillet in concert. One of my favorite bands and I’ve never heard them perform live. Please continue your prayers that I can pass the next APFT so that I can get a leave pass for the Thanksgiving holiday. Next weekend I hope to begin leading a Sunday School class at one of the on-post chapels. Five weeks in. I love the Army so far. But I am sooooo green. A bigtime rookie.


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  1. Posted by Jodie on 21 October 11 at 19:05

    when will you graduate?


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