Halfway through CH-BOLC!

This week marks the halfway point of Chaplain School. My PT scores are getting better, I’ve settled on a chapel to attend and lead a small group study. Still trying to grasp the correct way to speak and write “Army style.” Got to preach my indoors sermon this past week. That was rewarding. The pace has picked up tremendously. I picked up my dress uniform this weekend. (The Army Service Uniform). I am humbled and blessed to be here. Every day, no matter how tired I am, is still a great day. I miss my friends and family but I contact them as often as possible. Let’s see what happens this week!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jodie on 31 October 11 at 01:42

    Miss you and love you!


  2. Posted by Linda Pennington on 31 October 11 at 11:52

    Hi William,
    You know Marion cannot be at the computer these days, but I keep him updated on your entries. He sends his love and prayers always for you and says that he is so very proud of you and what you are doing. He is working hard on PT also (physical therapy) for that knee; it is so hard (as I can remember so well), but he is progressing slowly. His therapist is proud of his accomplishments for his age. He says he is doing so much better than even younger patients that he has. Hope your family is doing well, too. You have really been so blessed, and you know that, but I stand amazed at what you have accomplished and are accomplishing in rebuilding your life around an entirely different calling, even at your young age! The Penningtons salute you and love you!


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