Veterans Day

Veterans Day is upon us. This year, of course, it means so much more to me. I am grateful, so grateful to all of the Veterans, both living and deceased, who courageously served their country to protect our freedoms. And yes, even those who are anti-military should at least respect those whose sacrifices over the past two centuries have protected the freedom to protest the war. Think about it. You have service men and women protecting the freedom you and I have to speak our minds about whatever we want. The Bill of Rights comes to mind. And now I have the honor to join their ranks. I am grateful. I will do my very best to honor Veterans by being the best Chaplain I can be.

In just over 5 weeks we will have graduated CH-BOLC and I will be returning to Georgia, to serve the 3-1 Calvary of the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry, located at Ft. Benning. Im not quite ready but I will be. We learned about doing Religious Area Assessments for the Commander this week. Our squad is handling the one for Kenya. We also learned today about doing soldier graveside services, memorial services, and memorial ceremonies. Have to write three sermons for them. Also writing a paper on the Moral Implications of Combat. Had to turn in an Army Memo on a fictional soldier applying for Concientious Objector status. Learned Chaplain counseling tools. And much more.

On the PT field we worked our muscles, arms, legs and abs pretty hard. We also ran and ran and ran. I passed the weigh in and the PT test this week. I have much homework this weekend but will try to rest some, too. Been in touch with my Chaplain Assistant at Ft. Benning. Looks like my first Strong Bonds event is a couples retreat planned for Stone Mountain (30 couples) in February. Curriculum is the “Laugh Your Way” stuff. I need to get trained on it and soon.

Thank you to friends and family who keep praying for me and my family. I feel those prayers working. I can always use motivation, just like EVERY SOLDIER can. Please never be afraid to talk to and encourage a Veteran or a man or woman in uniform. Because just from my microscopic perspective, they give their ALL.


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