30 days till graduation

It’s hard for me to believe but in just 30 days we graduate. I will leave Ft. Jackson to return to Georgia. Ft. Benning and the 3-1 Cav. Has it been two months already? Time goes by fast. Sooo much learning, daily PT, lots of homework, and great experiences. Today we heard from Air Force and Navy Chaplains. Last night my theological endorser took me and three friends out to dinner. I have met some cool people from across the country. Yesterday I got to visit the Yorktown a fourth time. But this time I got to deliver a briefing on the flight deck. The briefing was about Medal of Honor winner Desmond Doss – a concientious objector medic in WWII. What a story that guy had.

This week we are learning more counseling technigues such as Solution Focused Counseling (which I have ALWAYS used), and spending alot of time practicing memorial services, memorial ceremonies, C-17 ramp ceremonies, and graveside ceremonies. We are learning how to render full honors. (Locate and watch the movie “Taking Chance.” EXCELLENT!!!!).

Next Tuesday is our final CH-BOLC physical fitness test. Have to pass this one. Looking forward to visiting Middle Georgia for Thanksgiving and seeing my family and friends. Off to sleep now. PT “muscle failure” in the morning. Hooah!


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  1. Posted by Linda Pennington on 17 November 11 at 11:16

    Praying for you still. We hope to see you when you are here, but family first, now and always. Give our love to yours for us, and if we see you, it will be great. If not, you will be in our hearts! Love and peace, Marion is having a tough time with his recovery; found out Monday that the walking his home health PT had him doing has been harmful, so he is having to backtrack in his exercise regimen, and it’s like starting over from day one, but more aggressively since he lost out on a crucial exercise that should have been done from the beginning of therapy.
    Love you,
    Linda and Marion


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