Today we wear our battle gear and road march to an on-post FOB (Forward Operating Base). Essentially, we sleep in Army tents on cots for the rest of the week. We will be with other soldirs, too. From Basic Trainees to the second teir Chaplain Captains Career Course. The concept is to put together everything we have learned since Day 1 into an authentic field exercise. Weather report says to preoare to get wet, too. “If it ain’t rainin,’ we ain’t trainin’!” Not alot of good sleeping is expected to. There will be simulated gas attacks, road convoys with IEDS, casualty triages, and plenty of MRE fun. There will also be ample opportunity for us Chaplains to perform Chaplain duties.

By Friday afternoon, we will be back in our regular rooms, cleaning up and maybe getting some sleep. Then its essetially two weeks to graduation!! Hooah! Those two weeks I will also use to make several phone calls to Fort Benning to set everything in place for 17 December, when I travel there.

I was blessed to have had a very nice Thanksgiving break in Middle Georgia, seeing family and attending Haddock Baptist (where I am still a member) and Greenwood Bsptist with Dad. Thank you to both those churches for allowing me a brief time to share some things, especially with the kids. Has it really been 11 weeks? I’m beginning to mentally grasp how all this fits together. Time to show it this week. HOOAH!!


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