Moving into my Unit

I have completed In-Processing to Fort Benning. There were a few snags along the way, particularly with trying to nail down the actual date the Army has me beginning. This is critical because it has to do with pay and promotion. But there is a person on that task. Today I made the official drive up to Kelley Hill to check in with the S-1 shop. I’ve waited for this day since learning about S-1s at CH-BOLC. I wish a certain S-1 that I know was working here. Anyway, I should be officially in-processed to the 3-1 Cavalry 3rd Brigade (“Sledgehammer”) 3rd Infantry by the end of the week, and begin “permissive TDY” – which simply means time off to really get settled into my apartment, the Columbus area, and get my uniforms all squared away. Maybe even get my office set up a bit. In two weeks or so I should be “in the saddle” as they say around Cavalry units. I am looking forward to getting started. I am looking forward to doing PT with the troops again. Everyone’s been gone on block leave. I do better when I can PT with a unit. Can’t wait to get my UMT up and running with my Chaplain Assistant. The pace at CH-BOLC was so steady until that last week. In-processing to a new post seems to take forever, even though it only took a week. I’m ready for the throttle to crank up again. But before that, I will get to go to Tampa, FL this weekend to see my son perform with the Rome High Marching Band as part of the Outback Bowl festivities. Georgia Bulldogs are playing Michigan State. Two states Ive lived in. But GO DAWGS!!!!!!!! Should be fun. 2012 looks to be a year of changes. But then again, wasn’t 2011? And 2010? But 2012 should be huge.

On an ironic and funny note, as I drove up to Kelley Hill and my unit this afternoon, I passed a Groome van heading out. I drove a Groome van all summer while awaiting my Army career to begin. (see my earliest blog entries) Carried Soldiers too. And here is a Groome van, running routes past my office!! I guess every day I see that van I will thank God for that summer job, for that substitute teaching job, and definitely for this Army job. I will also be highly motivated to stay on top of my work, or I could be right back to driving that Groome van instead of being a passenger on it. And Groome van drivers make just $7.25 an hour — before taxes and uniform fees. Talk about a daily reminder to stay humble and work hard!!! God is in control. And it is no accident that I see that Groome van every day.


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  1. Posted by Keith Jones on 3 January 12 at 19:14

    Hey, William! Congratulations on being with your unit now. I wanted to check with you and see if you ever possibly had a Sunday off. I’d like you to come speak for Scout Sunday one year…2nd Sunday of February. I know it’s unlikely this year, but I’d like to go ahead and schedule you (or at least have you thinking about this) for 2013 or even later. Blessings! Will miss your leading a church group up here on mission trip to the mountains…
    Keith Jones, Pastor, Morganton (GA) Baptist church


    • To be honest, I’d love to. A free Scout Sunday may not roll around for me until 2014, if Im deployed next year. But other Sundays or Saturday events might work much sooner. Saturday events in particular. Just let me know. Thanks for keeping me in mind!


  2. Posted by Indiana on 24 January 12 at 14:10



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