Tested from the Start

In my gut I knew God would put me in a place where I would be tested. It has certainly been that. All the counseling Soldiers’ practices we did at CH-BOLC were very beneficial. I am drawing on every one of them, and on the experience of my fellow Chaplains, and on the expertise of a Chaplain in the corrections field. We never leave a fallen comrade. Never. And we always place the mission first. Sometimes this means we care for Soldiers who have gotten themselves into serious trouble. And the Soldier asks, “Where is God?”

If someone were to tell me two years ago today that I’d be serving in the Army at Ft. Benning as a Chaplain in a Cavalry unit, I would have asked you what you had been smoking. If you had told me that my FIRST real day on the job would present me with a tremendous challenge that would test me and force me to draw on training and experiences, I would have looked at you funny. But in my gut, I knew all through the Army application process, and through CH-BOLC, that God would put me right where I needed to be – for my own growth, and to be able to minister to Soldiers and their Families facing some of life’s toughest challenges. For the record, no one “leaves the ministry” to become an Army Chaplain. No one who has been in ministry already starts a “new career” in the Army. It’s ministry. The same stuff as before. Only this time it’s in a uniform. The Soldier fights the enemy on the field. The Chaplain fights the enemy attacking the soul and mind of the Soldier. But together, we rely on the prayers and support of the Nation we serve. War is hell. But preparing for war can also be hell. God help us all.


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