Routine Schedule begins.

My Permissive TDY is complete. Although I still did alot of work during that leave. But was able to get my uniforms, apartment and office squared away. Still need to finish the in-processing with S-1 and S-2, but awaiting Army results on my official date of entry being entered into the electronic system. That must be done before I can finish the S-1 and S-2 stuff. And get my office laptop up and online. But one month of Ft. Benning and I know my way around enough to not get too lost when trying to hit the main locations. I am excited about beginning PT with troops. For me personally, I do much better when I have an accountability group or partner for PT.

My Chaplain Assistant and I are planning the upcoming Strong Bonds event. I also want to begin laying out my daily battle rhythm this week, and begin constructing my 3-1 Cav Battle Book. I will need it come March when we go to the National Training Center in the western USA, in preparation for what we are pretty sure is an upcoming deployment beginning this summer.

I am excited about this work. I only pray that as the work begins to pile up that I can maintain the organization. But that is why we are a Unit Ministry Team – my Chaplain Assistant and me. Together, with the Lord’s guidance and strength, we can get the work done. This is a short week this week, and on Friday I’ve been invited to attend an Airborne School graduation with my 56-M. Looking forward to that. Thank you to all who contribute “lickies and chewies” (candies and freebies) to give to Soldiers. I plan to keep my bag filled. And keep greeting Soldiers in my unit with goodies when I see them. I also especially thank you for your prayers during this time of many transitions for me. I need them. I am only human and at the end of the day, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and alone, although I know I am not. But I continue to live by the Soldiers Creed and Phil 4:13. Hooah! Courageous and Faithful!! Go Cav!!

Oh yeah. It’s my 47th Birthday. If you were to have told me that I’d be Active Duty in the Army at 47 I would have said you were nuts. But God’s plan is much bigger and better than any we can dream up. I have a sneaky feeling that this might just be one of the best year’s of my life. Certainly the most memorable.


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  1. Posted by Jodie on 16 January 12 at 19:13

    Still praying for you. Will send a package soon. Christmas killed us financially. Trying to recuperate.


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