One Team, One Fight

My Chaplain Assistant and I have had the privilege of going together to sit down with five Commanders of the five troops of our 3-1 Cavalry Squadron: Assassin, Bonecrusher, Commanche, Dark Horse and Headhunter. We went to see them about how we can best serve them and the Soldiers under their command. Primarily we were seeking to track any Soldiers with serious personal issues.

I have a wonderful Chaplain Assistant. This morning he taught me how to properly inspect our Humvee at the motor pool. In the office he updated slides on the Strong Bonds retreat for tomorrow morning’s staff meeting. He’ll be at hand grenade practice while I’ll be at the staffing. Then he walked through a downpour with me to three troop headquarters to meet with those Commanders with me.

I kept thinking “one team, one fight” today. Our UMT has an official call sign: Blackhawk Shepherd. I like that. We’ll use that over the radio. As we met with Commanders in their offices, we saw men who work their tails off and who have a deep compassion for their Soldiers, even the lowest ranking ones with multiple serious issues. They know them by name. They know their stories. And they treat them with the highest levels of dignity and respect. Some have gone above and beyond the call of duty to go to their Soldiers’ homes, meet and assist their spouses and children. Sometimes I wondered as I listened if these leaders weren’t better social workers than some I have met!

One Team, One Fight! Defense of our Nation, protection of our Freedoms, begins with defense of our Soldiers in uniform, and the mission to care for American men and women who voluntarily join the Army (and other branches). If these 3-1 Cavalry Commanders and First Sergeants are any indication – America’s sons and daughters are in good hands. I am witnessing some of these Soldiers getting the best care for their situations than they probably have in their entire lifetime. I am very excited that all the Commanders have accepted me and my background. Our mission is the same. Care for Soldiers. Defend the Country, yes, but care for Soldiers first. One Commander even leads a Bible study with his wife at another location. It is a privilege and a blessing to serve on the same team with my Chaplain Assistant and these leaders. Hooah!


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