Full-Spectrum Ministry

Just to give you an idea of what one 45-day period of Army Chaplaincy on post involves, I want to list -without giving specifics, what my counseling and ministry experiences have been. They are in no particular order.

Counseled on religious accommodation.
Counseled on compassionate reassignment.
Counseled on conscientious objection.
Ministry to incarecerated Soldiers. Ministry to Soldiers being kicked out of the Army for something they did.
Ministry to conflicts in platoon chains of command.
Counseled Soldiers divorcing.
Counseled couples struggling to make things work.
Counseled couples just starting out.
Counseled Soldiers considering or attempting suicide.
Counseled Soldiers who want out of the Army.
Counseled Soldiers looking to move up in the Army.
Counseled Soldiers with strong faith.
Counseled Soldiers with weak faith.
Counseled Soldiers with no faith.
Counseled Soldiers of various faiths.
Performed funerals for infant Family Member and for an Honored Veteran. Ministry to Soldiers on physical profiles. Ministry to Soldiers and Family Members in hospitals. Bible distribution. Religious books distribution. Candy distribution. Praying with countless Soldiers. Advising Commanders on religious matters. Writing Annexes of Religious Support to Operations Orders for when we are in the training battlefield. Conducting Strong Bonds Marriage Retreat. Arranging marriage vow renewal service for Soldier assigned to rear detachment when I will be away on training mission. Preaching. Teaching. Ministry over meals with Soldiers. Ministry during PT Runs with Soldiers. And more!

The Army does help you to “be all you can be.” But the Lord fills your cup – if you call on the Lord. This is just 45 days into the mission, and my office computer just did finally get up and running a week ago. My Chaplain Assistant continues to literally earn his stripes. Together, we are fully engaged in the full spectrum of ministry to 3-1 Cavalry. This is Army Chaplaincy. Still, I rely on support of folks back home, with their prayers, candy and even little devotional books to give out. Soldiers do read. They grab materials from me often.


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