Spiritual Fitness Manual 3-1

The idea came to me at CH-BOLC. Being in my unit for two months now has brought the idea to life. I can’t find an interfaith Spiritual Fitness Manual written to Soldiers by Soldiers. I’m sure they are out there but I haven’t seen one that nests with Comprehensive Soldier Fitness.

As a civilian minister I worked at churches that collected writings from church members to compile in a daily devotional for the Advent or Christmas season. They were quite popular. They gave much insight into other parishioners.

Chaplains are tasked with encouraging spiritual fitness and resiliency among the Soldiers and Families. Here is a new tool that may help complete that mission. Have Soldiers and/or Family Members write down a one page story, memoir, reflection, devotion, or lesson learned that we can compile into a daily reader. As Chaplain, my role is to gather 366 writings from Enlisted and Officer ranks, from Family Members, and anyone else connected to the 3-1 Cavalry.

I would also make it an interfaith book by adding a daily verse or prayer from various sacred texts. I would include Army doctrine on spiritual fitness. Hopefully I can get a Foreword page from the Commander the spiritual fitness of the troops is the Commander’s program. I would also include a page from the Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant.

The book will be edited and proofed before spiral-bounding it. Each page will be numbered but undated. This makes it more user-friendly. More flexible. The SFM stands for Spiritual Fitness Manuel. The FM could also mean a field manual for spiritual fitness , to be especially helpful in year-long or less deployments.

Would you read such a daily book? I would. The project lies ahead. It will be a slow, deliberate process. But I look forward to seeing what Soldiers contribute.


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  1. Posted by Buford M. Pennington on 25 February 12 at 00:08

    Hello my Dear Brother!

    A Great Idea, but don’t forget all those in hospitals and in the BRIG! OK? Much love! BMP


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