Cavalry Rides Again

I’m sitting awaiting flight out west for some serious training. NTC will last a month but I bet it will feel longer. The reason for that is the full spectrum of training every day.

The Army isn’t moving our brigade out there and back for nothing. The reason is they EXPECT us to give our very best while we are there training. Learning to do our jobs the correct way. To do any less would be a waste of resources and the training.

I have a chance to look back and think about what I was doing a year ago. I was carrying my Army Camelback assault pack to Jones County Schools as I worked as a Substitute Teacher. (No weapons, just water, candy and books). Now I have that same bag with me. And Soldiers not much older than those juniors and seniors are sitting all around me.

A year ago feels like a lifetime ago. I still find myself asking, “Is this real? Did I make it? Am I really a Chaplain serving Active Duty in the 3rd Infantry? Then I snap back quickly and understand it is real. And it’s on to the next task. God has me here for a reason. I think Ive already met a few of those reasons.

Last time I was waiting around an airport with a large group we were waiting for our flight to our mission trip out west. I’m now also waiting on our flight to another mission trip out west. A very different mission. On the job training.

I think back to CH-BOLC and am grateful for all it taught me. We had Capstone there. But I believe this month will be a Capstone I will never forget. To serve in real life field training with my Chaplain Assistant. To see how a brigade of UMTs function. I can’t wait.

But there’s the call to board! Saddle up! It’s GO TIME. Blackhawk! Phil. 4:13


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