Sledgehammer UMT Family


First of all, THANK YOU to our Brigade Chaplain Geoff Bailey for this photo and for planning this Strong Bonds event for the Unit Ministry Teams of 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry. Last weekend I was blessed to take my daughter on her first such event. There will be more for the rest of my family in the future.

The Army supports strong families and relationships by providing such retreats at nice hotels and resorts. They combine training, free childcare, wonderful meals, optional worship, and of course free time. No, we don’t wear uniforms to these retreats. My thanks to the taxpayers (including myself!) whose funds help provide these much needed retreats and events for those who serve and defend our country. Chaplains are the instructors at such events. At Haddock Baptist I was able to help lead marriage retreats. In the Army my Cavalry Squadron conducts up to 8 a year, including events for couples, singles, and families.

This past weekend was yet another reminder how God has blessed me and my family. I am not only in the Army but part of a diverse ministry family of Chaplains and Assistants and their Families. Just look closely at this picture and see the diversity. Chaplains not only do a lot of counseling, and worship leadership, and serving as a staff officer, but also leading Strong Bonds Training Events/Retreats. What a blessing to conduct such retreats. For at these events we can see each other out of uniform. We can get to know each others’ Families. This was my second retreat this year. We have two for our Squadron scheduled for Stone Mountain next month. I am excited because I can share cool Georgia attractions with Soldiers and Families from all parts of the country.

I am reminded when I think of this team of Chaplains and Assistants that Jeremiah 29:10 reminds me that God has plans for me. Plans filled with hope. Plans for a future. Not plans for destruction or evil. But a family for me. A home. After NTC last month, and events such as this past weekend’s Strong Bonds Retreat, I feel a real part of a family on Kelley Hill. I like to call it “Thrill Hill” because of the variety of rich experiences it offers. And if we look around closely enough, it is thrilling to see what God is doing in the lives of Soldiers and their Families of Sledgehammer Brigade.


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