Love is In The Air

Spring time. The weather becomes hotter. In the Army we change into summer PT uniforms for our morning sweat. And love is in the air. Last weekend I had the pleasure of having my mother and stepdad spend the weekend with me at Ft. Benning.

On Friday we toured Kelley Hill, met with 3-1 Cav leadership, and had the pleasure of exploring a Bradley tank with a knowledgable crew at the motor pool. We also toured the rest of the main hot spots on Fort Benning.

Saturday was a special day as we toured the National Infantry Museum. As we exited we saw a Soldier in ACU who had just proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Soldier Statue. (She apparently said yes.) In the afternoon I had the privilege of performing a wedding for one of my Soldiers and his bride. It is much more pleasurable to perform weddings than memorial ceremonies or funerals in Kelley Hill Chapel.

Immediately following the wedding, I was honored to perform a wedding vow renewal ceremony for my mother and stepdad. They’ve been married for 25 years. Afterwards we went to eat at Country’s BBQ and listen to some live bluegrass music.

The next morning at Main Post Chapel we worshipped and saw a Chaplain baptize his own daughter. We also saw individuals and couples go forward for prayer and spiritual decision-making. I felt the love of God in that place.

This weekend we brought a good group of Single Soldiers to a Strong Bonds training at Stone Mountain, Georgia. We are training them on the material “How to Avoid Falling In Love With a Jerk.” Many of these Soldiers are here after we promoted this event even back in March in the middle of NTC at the Mojave Desert. In two weeks we are on a married couples Strong Bonds retreat.

I am seeing God’s hand in relationships in the Army. It has been a rewarding month that is spilling over into May.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Lovely post! (Although you may wish to correct your typo of “25 tears” to “25 years”)


  2. Posted by Buford Marion Pennington on 5 May 12 at 22:59

    Howdy my Brother-in-Christ! I’m so proud of you and how quickly you adapted to God’s “real” calling for you. We love you William Beaver. Great-Grandpa Pennington and Linda B.


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