Blackhawk Focus


What a way to start a second year of Army Chaplaincy! SGT Finley and I were in the field for Blackhawk Focus, while my other Chaplain Assistant SPC Holsey covered the office and helped with logistics for counseling and for this coming weekend’s Strong Bond’s event for Families of Deployed Soldiers. Helping Chaplains Adkinson and Shirke from back here.

In the field we personally visited over 90% of our Soldiers on the training exercise. That’s a few hundred Soldiers, officers and enlisted. Provided worship experiences, 145 New Testaments on mp3 sticks (a huge hit!!), lots of candy, puzzle books, snack cakes, beef jerkey, playing cards, Gatorade, devotional books, Spanish Bibles, bug repellent, and hand sanitizer. Played cards with guys, ate chow with guys, trained with guys (and the medics), slept in the back of my mobile chapel truck, and provided vital ministry of presence for three nights and for five days. This is the life! Even counseled 7 Soldiers (officers and enlisted) in the field. Advised Commanders,, and teamed with First Sergeants and Staff officers to complete the mission! Courageous and Faithful! BLACKHAWK!!


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  1. Posted by Buford Pennington on 20 September 12 at 12:35

    How good to read your blogs and hear about the ministry you are providing for our soldiers. Your year’s end blog brought tears to my eyes. We are so proud of you for giving above and beyond. I know you feel the Lord’s presence every day, which is my prayer for you! Linda


  2. Thanks for your letter, man. BTA (before the army) when you’d be talking about your hope of becoming a military chaplain the way your eyes and face would light up it figured you were on to something! Boy, were you ever!! My conviction when and now is that God had uniquely prepared you for what He had in mind for you.

    Don’t ever let go of His hand, otherwise the awesome magnitude of it all would totally overwhelm you. Remember the words of the song “My shepherd will supply my needs” and keep doing all you can to help those who are suffering in so many different ways.



  3. Have enjoyed looking through your blog. I work at a not-for-profit, First Principles Press. We recently published a book: “Endowed by Their Creator”: A Collection of Historic American Military Prayers 1774-Present. The collection’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the necessity of prayer to America’s military mission. Col. Ronald D. Ray, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and decorated Vietnam Veteran, played a vital role in the publication. Would be glad to email you a PDF version of it, if you are interested.

    Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your service!


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