Moonlighting on Mondays


I knew we were having fun when I saw my bowling partner Atsuko reach into her purse and pull out her bottle of Ensure, and pour it into her cup of Jack Daniels. Game on! Atsuko is a senior adult about 3/5 my height and half my size – but don’t let her stature fool you. She can bowl strikes with the best of them! Atsuko, Deloris, Tyrone and I are on a team we call the Moon Lighters, in a Monday Night bowling league on main post bowling center. 20 teams of four are in the league.

I joined this league because (1) I needed something recreational to do on a Monday night that had little to do with my job. I need a break then. (2) I am an average bowler and have always wanted to bowl in a league. (3) the season runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day. What I wasn’t expecting was to be in a league with mostly retired folks, widows of Soldiers, and Veterans. But THAT is what has made this experience most enjoyable. My kind of folks! Don’t get me wrong, most people arent drinking Jack. But the competition is stiff, the laughter is plentiful, and the sportsmanship and encouragement runs at a very high level.

I bowl with Atsuko. She’s a widow from Japan. She rides to the lanes with Deloris, a widow of a General. Her son is a Colonel. Tyrone is the Manager of the on-post bingo center. He is our ringer. I guess you could say I am their slinger.

Each night begins with announcements. There is often a prayer request made. Collections for special needs are occasionally taken. Food and drink are enjoyed. Is it church? No. But is it community? Oh yeah. Everyone seems to know everyone. I feel blessed to be a part of it. More than one occasion have I been asked to remember someone in prayer. I like to encourage folks. They inspire me – like the several who stand there with four pronged canes, wearing their old unit’s ballcap, and lay down a strike or spare. On Sundays I can work with the children. On Mondays I can bowl with the widows, senior adults and Veterans. Monday thru Friday I’m with the Soldiers. Wednesdays with the Scouts. Yep, I think the Lord has shown me my niche.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Buford Pennington on 16 October 12 at 21:37

    Still watching from the sidelines! B. Marion


  2. Posted by Barbara K. Wood on 16 October 12 at 23:16

    Hi Billy – I knew you liked “old folks” – glad to know you’re ministering in a unique way. Barb


  3. You make your aunt and uncle proud.


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