On a Mission to Families


I should never forget that as an Army Chaplain I am first called by God then that calling is recognized by a denominational endorsing body. Without those I cannot serve as an Army Chaplain. Doesn’t matter my work performance or PT or training. Bottom line is that I am a missionary – sent by my denomination to live and serve in the Army community. Yesterday, October 28, 2012, it really felt like a missions day. In the morning I had the joy of continuing to worship with and teach a large group of Kindergartners at Main Post Chapel the “Ten Commandments.” I was thrilled when it was time to review the Commandments when three of the kids opened up their own Bibles right to the correct Exodus passage and read the answer when I asked them what the next Commandment was. Apparently, some Soldiers and their spouses are guiding their children at home – which is the goal.

In the afternoon, I witnessed another family celebration. I have been counseling and ministering to a Soldier and his wife from my 3-1 Cav unit for a few months. Helped them reunite here on Benning, and she was able to participate in the Spouse Spur Ride. They wanted to dedicate their baby to God – he being Episcopal and her a Methodist from Australia. My Anglican Chaplain friend and fellow Sledgehammer CH Joe Reffner was able to do the requested baptism yesterday – before a group of witnesses, including guys from the Soldiers platoon, his Troop XO, and his mother-in-law who flew in from Australia for this! We have been able to set this family up for the next Strong Bonds event, to strengthen their marriage.

Finally, my Chaplain Assistant and I dispatched our combat vehicle and drove it to Main Post Chapel last night to “trick it out” and be part of the chapel’s “Trunk or Treat.” Over 1,000 folks came by our vehicle and others to receive candy, Gospel tracts for kids, stickers, pencils, and personal greetings from the Blackhawk Shepherd Unit Ministry Team. Sgt Finley had as good a time as I did, chuckling constantly as he handed candy to friendly costumed kids. I was overjoyed with yesterday. Blessed and reminded that first and foremost, I’m serving as a missionary. What a fun job! Hard, but fun!


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