I love the Buddy System. The Army didn’t invent it, but relies heavily on it. Ever since I was a kid I have heard about the buddy system. As a Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout we always had to have a buddy with us everywhere we went. In swimming areas the lifeguard would blow the whistle every 15 minutes and we would stop swimming, find our buddy, and hold our hands up high. The point was to make sure everyone was safe. In college we had roommates. The trick was finding one you could live with without punching each other in the face. At summer camps we always used the buddy system for kids. It was easier to ensure safety and to keep track of campers. Police and Fire and even EMS workers use the buddy system. Look how many “buddy cop” shows and movies there have been, before the “ensemble cast” shows took their place.

In Chaplain School, my Buddy and I were good friends. We shared different values in some things, but when it came to Army business, we made sure each other were squared away. The Army designed the Chaplain Corps around the buddy system, placing a Chaplain with a Chaplain Assistant. They may not be of the same religion, but they are on the same mission – to provide religious support to the unit as part of the Commander’s intent and plans. I could not have been successful without my Chaplain Assistant. I have been blessed to have had three work with me – SGT John Finley, SSG Kembra Brooks, and SPC Kara Holsey. In the Chaplain Corps, the buddy system is a necessity.

The buddy system was invented by God, the way I see it. Adam was placed into the Garden of Eden by God, created from the mud of the earth. Adam had it all, but God saw him and said “It is not good for man to be alone.” So God caused Adam to fall asleep and took a rib from him and created Eve, the first female. Now whether you believe that to be truth or legend, the reality is that we have male and females of just about every species. I believe it was the Creator’s intent for people and all creatures for that matter, to not be alone. What “buddies” do you have in your life? Family? Spouse? Friends? Coworkers? Teammates? It is not good to be alone all the time. Identify your buddies, take care of them, and be honest and open when you need something from them. Care for each other. Because even the Lone Ranger wasn’t alone. He had his sidekick Tonto!


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