Over the years I have collected a lot of things I don’t ever want to part with. Old trinkets, photo albums, objects, trophies and memorabilia from my childhood. When relatives passed away they would “will” me some of their things. Some things I kept, while others quite frankly had little value to me. I collected baseball cards, books, CDs, vinyl albums, art supplies, hand tools, sports equipment, cool t-shirts, camping gear, fishing and sports equipment, and so on. The collection filled many boxes over the years. So recently I rented a storage facility. But as I started filling it, I had to upgrade twice to what is now a full-size $70 a month storage room. It is filled with things I once thought I just couldn’t live without.

But over the last holiday block leave I realized something. I HAVE been living without them and doing quite fine. Turns out the family heirlooms are things I don’t want to part with, but will my kids even KNOW their ancestors much less appreciate their belongings after I hand them down upon my own death? And is there someone else who can use my sports equipment NOW more than me paying to store them in a room where I never can get to them? When we die, we cannot take one thing with us. Look at the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. Buried with all of their treasures, mummified in their tombs within the Great Pyramids, so that they could be well-equipped for the afterlife. Well, now we can go see all their stuff – including their own skeletons, in museums. We really can’t take it with us.

So, what sort of stuff do you have? Are you like me, paying for a storage facility to keep stuff you can’t really use locked up? My goal for this year is to start going through that stuff and either giving it away to folks who could use it more than me, or selling it to make some extra cash, or simply tossing it or donating to libraries. I want to travel lighter in my Army career and in my life. To leave a smaller footprint. Besides, the less I have the less I have to worry about someone stealing. Jesus said something along these lines in the New Testament. He told folks to store up their treasures in heaven and not here on earth. In other words, to see our belongings as resources to help others, and not to simply hoard for ourselves. For when we get the items the first time, we gain enjoyment. But when we give them to others and see the positive response we get, we get to enjoy them all over again. And hopefully we can then spend less to store them! How will you use all that stuff you’ve been keeping up with? Because either today or after you die, you’re getting rid of it.


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  1. Posted by kyle dellevoet on 11 March 13 at 22:16

    I’m a new CAV chaplain and I’ve got a couple of questions for you in regard to proper wear of my stetson. Would you be so kind as to shoot me an email?


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