Journey of a new Army Chaplain

Thank you for browsing my blog. I am a new Chaplain in the United States Army. I have been a minister and social worker in a variety of settings for over 20 years. My life’s calling is based on Matthew 25 “The Sheep and the Goats.”. Over the years, I have also had opportunities to serve according to Acts 1:8. Only now, for the first time, I may have a chance to minister “to the ends of the earth.”. I have a background in Boy Scouting (as a Woodbadger and Chaplain, and OA member), a background in Baptists’ Royal Ambassadors, and am an avid fan of outdoor recreation. I also am a student of Native American culture – primarily the Cherokee. If you ever engage in online, web-based virtual reality games, you can find me in Second Life, where my avatar owns and maintains a Native American resource center and land called “New Echota Point.”. Art, murals, woodwork, and science fiction are also passions of mine. I am a huge reference and historical book reader, and love to visit and learn about historical places. Working out regularly is something relatively new for me but I am growing to seriously enjoy it and its benefits. Eclectic, weird, S.O.B., artistic, funny, friendly, sick, talented, caring, and hard-working are things I have been called….among other things. It’s all good because sometimes I’ve called myself those things.

This blog is an attempt to give a chronicle of my thoughts and feelings as they relate to the early days of my journey as an Army Chaplain. I may not give much detail and logistics. But again, the emphasis is on thoughts and feelings. I am weak but I know WHO is strong. I am grateful to my family and friends. To my supporters I say THANK YOU. To my detractors and critics I say I AM SORRY. ONLY TRYING TO SERVE. I’m sure I messed up in the process. I will ask forgiveness and keep on trying to choose and follow the right path.



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  1. Posted by Buford Marion Pennington on 8 September 11 at 14:24

    Howdy Chaplain William Beaver,

    Sure was nice seeing you at lunch the other day. I’ve always had faith that you would excel in the US Army. You will discover many things and people that you will dearly love during your tours. The Army Officer’s Guide brought back found memories of my attendance in the January, 1960 OCS Class at 51st OCS at Ft. Benning. There, I too was given the ’58 edition of the DOD version and we had to maintain all our manuals in a perfect order; otherwise, that LT. Kelly or some other TAC Officer would floor them; meaning everything in the middle of the floor and we’d have to reorganize it back again. Although it was very challenging, after almost 7yrs in the Army, I’d looked soooo forward to becoming a 2nd LT and going to Flight School in Ft. Rucker, Alabama. In fact, I’d gotten far enough that I’d rec’d. my Officer serial number; but it wasn’t to happen. God had other plans and thankfully, like you, I, Linda and our children survived and each of them has been successful in their own right. God Bless you, my Brother and please keep me informed while you’re at Jackson & Benning. Your Brother in Christ, B. Marion Pennington


  2. Posted by CH Oanca(Wonka) on 21 May 13 at 18:04

    May the good Lord bless your wonderful ministry! With brotherly love, CH(CPT) George Oanca/ 3-61 CAV/4th BCT/4TH ID/ Ft. Carson, CO


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